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PLA Wood Make a Shape

PLA Wood Make a Shape

Polylactic acid or Filamento PLA is a thermopolymer produced by fermentation of maize, it is not biodegradable under natural conditions but is water-soluble at temperatures above 70-80° C. It can be extruded, injection molded and blow molded and currently it is mainly used to produce containers of various types and plastic bags.

T° of printing 175-210
T° of plate 30-50
Printing speed 50-90mm/s
Fan speed 50-100%
Density 1.25 g / cm ^ 3


The tests at the end of the page were performed with the following printer:

Ender 3
0.1/0.2 mm
20/70 mm/s

PLA Wood Make a Shape

Filaments of Make a Shape

PLA White Make a Shape

PLA White Make a Shape

Objects printed with filament Make a Shape


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