Alessandro Volpato - Reviews Fiberlogy Refill Easy PLA Grey

Fiberlogy Refill Easy PLA Grey

Fiberlogy Refill Easy PLA Grey

Polylactic acid or Filamento PLA is a thermopolymer produced by fermentation of maize, it is not biodegradable under natural conditions but is water-soluble at temperatures above 70-80° C. It can be extruded, injection molded and blow molded and currently it is mainly used to produce containers of various types and plastic bags.

T° of printing 200-220
T° of plate 50-70
Printing speed 40-80mm/s
Fan speed 50-100%
Density 1.24 g / cm ^ 3

The filament arrives without a coil so before starting to print it will be necessary to print a MasterSpool like this one:
- Master Spool
Once printed, the filament is perfectly inserted inside.
The first print test did not satisfy me, perhaps because it was the initial part of the reel, instead the subsequent tests came out well even if it seems that some points the wire diameter is not the same as the rest of the reel and therefore there are under extrusions.

The tests at the end of the page were performed with the following printer:

Ender 3
0.1/0.2 mm
20/70 mm/s

Fiberlogy Refill Easy PLA Grey

Filaments of Fiberlogy

Fiberlogy Refill Easy PLA Orange

Fiberlogy Refill Easy PLA Orange

Objects printed with filament Fiberlogy


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