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TPU Black

TPU Black

Thermoplastic polyurethane. A polyurethane (PUR or PU) is a polymer composed of a chain of organic units joined with carbamate (urethane) bonds. For the production of polyurethanes, two groups of at least two bifunctional substances are required as reagents: compounds with isocyanate groups and compounds with reactive hydrogen atoms. The physical and chemical character of the structure and the molecular size of these compounds influence the polymerization reaction, in addition to the workability and physical properties of the finished polyurethane. In addition, additives such as catalysts, surfactants, blowing agents, cross-linking agents, flame retardants, stabilizers and fillers are used to control and modify the reaction process and the characteristics of the polymer.

T ° of printing 205-215 T ° of plate 0-40 Printing speed 20mm / s Fan speed 50-100% Density 0.96 g / cm ^ 3

I state that to use this filament I had to change the part where the filament is pushed inside the PTFE tube but the filament is excellent. During the press I did not have any kind of problem and the result is really excellent in all respects

The tests at the end of the page were performed with the following printer:

Ender 3
0.1/0.2 mm
20/70 mm/s

TPU Black

Filaments of FFFworld

TPU Pink

TPU Pink

Objects printed with filament FFFworld


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